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Recent Projects

  • A Scoping Study for the design and development of a Project Management System. Client: Department of Primary Industries and Energy, Bureau of Resource Sciences.

  • Irrigation Futures Framework: Development of an integrated biophysical, production and socioeconomic simulation framework to identify the likely impacts of policy and program options for sustainable irrigated futures in the Murray-Darling Basin. Client: Murray-Darling Basin Commission.

  • Multiple use of forests: Development of a decision support system to assist and explore methodologies for the multiple and sequential use of forest ecosystems. Clients: DPIE, DEST and PM & C.

  • Ballast Water DSS: Development of a prototype DSS system for risk analysis in ballast water handling . Development of system specifications and tender documentation. Client: AQIS.

  • Development of a geographic information system (GIS) to describe and evaluate the distribution and abundance of grazing livestock populations and their productivity in Australia.

  • Evaluation and coordination of data sources and information in the Murray-Darling Basin for integration into a framework for exploring alternative options for the Irrigation industry. Client: Murray-Darling Basin Commission.

  • Christmas Island species and site abundance classification and analysis. Client: Environment Australia

  • Weed strategy analysis: Review of methods and survey design(s) and analysis of survey for establishing criteria in identifying weeds of national significance and establishing suitable regimes for funding. Clients: DPIE and the National Weed Strategy Executive Committee.

  • Soil Carbon Analysis: Development of spatial models and methods to estimate soil carbon changes with profile depth for use in calculating Australia’s CO2 budget post-Kyoto. Client: Bureau of Rural Sciences.

  • Bio-regionalisation analyses: Extension of the IBRA and Marine regionalisations of Australia for evaluating environmental change. Clients: Environmental Resources Information Network (ERIN) and Environment Australia.

  • Degradation of Land Tenure Systems: Analysis of the effects of varying landuse and soil types on the propensity for degradation in Australian landscapes.

  • Marine Resource Evaluation Program: Technology transfer and training for Indonesia to develop an integrated coastal zone management and planning system; Systems and Network review. Clients: Asian Development Bank and Indonesian Government.

  • Review of Aeronautical Data Management Systems. Client: Air Services Australia.

  • Review of Information Technology standards and strategies for the Australian Institute of Marine Sciences. Client: Australian Institute of Marine Sciences (AIMS).

  • Review of pest management information systems (PMIS) across Australia to identify the potential for, and limitations to, the development of compatible PMIS to meet Australia’s needs.

  • Opportunities for regional rural adjustment: an overview of the range of regional adjustment needs of rural industries across Australia. (Barson, M., Evans, G., Fordham, D.P., Walcott, J. and White, D.H. 1993).

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